Established in 1991, East West Karate is a family owned and operated school located near the 44th Street and Kalamazoo Ave. intersection in Kentwood, Michigan. We offer Uechi – Ryu, a traditional style of karate from Okinawa for adults and children. For adults, we also offer Bruce Lee’s martial art, Jeet Kune Do incorporated with kali.
At East West Karate we strive to enrich lives by providing an effective system of martial arts, self-defense, and health improvement. We provide the opportunity to learn self-discipline, increase confidence, and reach your fullest potential by teaching with the highest standards of ethics and excellence.
Our mission is to help individuals and families grow in strength, confidence, and character through fun and empowering martial arts training. Our teaching philosophy embodies encouragement and positive reinforcement. We believe this is the best way to produce responsible and well rounded martial artists capable of carrying the life lessons they learn in karate to life outside of the dojo.